This illustration was published on the cover of Neuron (Cell Press), Vol110, Issue 7, with the accompanying text:

"The illustration is a dream-like depiction of an alert mouse arising from its own sleeping brain under the shadow of a predator. The awake mouse is surrounded by a neuronal forest, representing the circuitry that allows prompt reaction to a predator threat.

In this issue of Neuron, Tseng et al. (pages 1223–1239) demonstrate a REM sleep-active neuronal pathway mediating defensive responses across REM sleep and wakefulness.

Illustration by Dr. Eleonora Adami."
Left: The Mirò-inspired drawing was featured on the cover on Frontiers Neuroscience: Neurotechnologies for Human Augmentation. Right: This illustration was a cover art suggestion for the Issue of the scientific journal Gastroenterology, to accompany this paper.  
Below: Cover art suggestion for this PNAS article. MBNL1 is a suppressor of tumor dedifferentiation and its downregulation led to increased tumorigenic and stem/progenitor-like properties in vitro and in vivo.
Below: Cover for this article on Nature Behavioural and Social Sciences blog: Tailoring our CAPES for a successful career in science. Capes = Collaborations / Awards / Publications / Education / Society.
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