Illustration medley. Some made for fun, some with a purpose.

A Botticelli inspired sketch to celebrate the international day of girls and women in science 2019 (11th February).
Entitled "Supercoiling", this represents the circular chromosome of E. coli and was inspired by a real micrograph.
I was inspired by an electron microscope image and made an eccentric version of it. It shows the endoplasmic reticulum of an eukaryotic cell, filled with ribosomes!
Illustration for a talk entitled "IL11 a Pandora Box Cytokine"
Playing with Blender, red blood cells flowing in a vessel.
3D Neurons. So happy this became the cover slide of a PhD defence @ MDC Berlin!
My graphical summary of this paper by Noel and Hu.
Cover suggestion for the article "Inhibiting IL11 in NASH"
Illustration drawn for a presentation about work on Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). I have been lucky enough to have it featured here and here and on posters/presentations of colleagues.
Drawings for an article on The Conversation accompanying a paper on Brain-Computer Interfaces by Valeriani and Poli.
Cover for article on Nature Behavioural and Social Sciences blog.
Minimal and geometric cover illustration for the hardcopy of my PhD thesis, which dealt with the study of translational regulation in complex disease models. Pink circles represent ribosomes.
Portrait of Fabiola Gianotti, commissioned by WiT @ CERN.